Action Animation, GO WATCH IT

2010-07-05 16:04:01 by BurningIceShard

I made an animation, Colossal Fighting and it took me quite a while to make considering I used the line tool and always closed the gaps

Anyway stop reading this and go watch it!


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2010-07-05 16:07:11

i wont, i am a rebel and thats how i roll.
and guess what, i am going to rate it 0 too.


2010-07-05 16:11:25


BurningIceShard responds:



2010-07-05 16:20:51

I words for that

BurningIceShard responds:



2010-07-05 16:50:47

That animation makes no sense at all, even on the standards of random fight animations.

At any time, it is nigh impossible to tell apart the smoke, energy, and giant eggshells the two fighters are flinging at one another. Their abilities make no sense at all. Are they monks? Wizards? Ninjas? Twilight style vampires? And what is the point of summoning a giant robot to shoot a single energy ball when the characters can shoot energy balls with their bare hands?

No sense at all...

BurningIceShard responds:

I'm gonna have to explain this a lot I see... I'm terrible with plot and my microphone broke. I was aiming for ninja but I can't draw animals so I thought a shitty robot would do and I'm not sure what else a robot could do...

and maybe the robots was bigger?


2010-07-06 01:44:31

no.. just no.. i don't mind DBZ or naruto, but what the fuck was happening?!

BurningIceShard responds:

The frame rate was 22 fps and each image was repeated at least 3 times so they'd be levitating towards/away from each other if I made it slower...


2010-07-21 14:40:50

rubish evryt one caall him rubish man