Finally finished!

2010-10-09 13:23:42 by BurningIceShard

My attempt at comedy is over! It took about two days, non stop to make this. I'm quite happy with the outcome. If you've got any thoughts about it just drop a comment here, thanks :) ew/550390

I made an animation, Colossal Fighting and it took me quite a while to make considering I used the line tool and always closed the gaps

Anyway stop reading this and go watch it!

New Game

2010-03-18 12:38:04 by BurningIceShard

I've been drawing a lot more lately and here's my animation examples

Problem is, I don't know how to code the animation when certain keys are pressed (especially when multiple keys are pressed) and the most complicated thing is to code the running animation...

Anyway I don't have a plot for the game and if I don't come up with one it'll just be like [PROTOTYPE], no point. I don't know if it is worth it to make a game with my current animating 'skill'


2010-01-12 05:46:49 by BurningIceShard

Well my tablet was sent in for repairs... Thank goodness my country has an inability to repair anything so they gave me a newer tablet that's giving no problems at all. My pc had just been formatted because I was having issues with windows and lag... Anyway check out the image I did with MSPaint, Left 4 Dead 2 - Ellis

I have zero luck

2010-01-01 13:57:28 by BurningIceShard

At the store where I bought my Genius tablet there were about 30-40 tablets in stock, the sales guy named "Edmund" picked one up and gave it to me...

Now the tablet broke and is in for repairs, I swear if they give it back even slightly faulty I'm going to jump on the tablet and returm it saying the tablet's faulty... None of the other tablets have been returned...

This same thing has happened with my playstation 2 (in 2003 or 2004 I think), my keyboard, my xbox (2009) and my pc (2007) before...

Drawing Tablet!

2009-12-01 02:43:35 by BurningIceShard

Well I finally got a tablet it's nothing fancy but nevertheless it's awesome.

Heres my first tablet drawing...

Drawing Tablet!

Art, actionscript and scouts...

2009-11-10 06:22:27 by BurningIceShard

I'm getting a drawing tablet at the end of the month >:)...

In the beginning, I hated art and graphics (well doing it) so I stuck to learning actionscript. I got to an average level but then I stopped for months. I didn't forget it I'm just bored with making a full fledged game in like 20 years.

Now I'm trying art and graphics, I haven't been scouted (or I was un-scouted, somehow) meaning I must really suck at it but I've gotten better my two most recent pictures have been uploaded. Check them out please.


2009-08-07 09:49:34 by BurningIceShard

I'm making a sim/rpg/fighting game, the idea changes every couple of seconds...
I'm trying to draw simply with a pencil so long (I'm getting a drawing tablet at the end of the month (:< )


2009-03-24 09:56:48 by BurningIceShard